Analytics & Insights for Smarter Hospitality

Ignaz Analytics delivers AI vision solutions to enhance safety and sustainability for professional kitchens in the hospitality industry

Smarter hospitality

From manual-reactive to AI-driven predictability

Ignaz Analytics delivers AI vision solutions that automatically monitor restaurant hygiene and food safety, while generating real-time data to proactively improve sustainability initiatives in the hospitality industry.

The innovative cloud-based service provided by Ignaz enables menu engineering and data-driven decisions based on consumption, compliance, and hygiene, transforming manual-reactive practices into AI-driven predictability.


Catered to Hospitality Industry Leaders

Ignaz Analytics offers solutions tailored for businesses striving to minimize unnecessary costs, reduce food waste, and streamline inefficiencies, while meeting higher guest expectations for sustainability and safety.

The entire hospitality industry, including restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, and resorts, faces a demand for elevated safety and sustainability standards in their operations. This drives the need for a comprehensive analysis and insights into food safety, waste reduction, and hygiene, empowering informed decisions that enhance the overall guest experience.

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Empowering Smarter Hospitality

Ignaz provides continuous, autonomous analytics and inspection solutions.

The unique cloud-based service delivers real-time insights and proactive initiatives, driving operational excellence and sustainability with actual data from the restaurant operations.

AI vision can be used to oversee critical handwashing procedures or to monitor the safety and food consumption of each food station.

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Transformative Impact with Ignaz Analytics

In the cruise industry, AI unlocks unmatched potential. With repeatability and known variables, we shape the future for data-based decision-making, improved operations and sustainability.

Menu engineering
and presentation planning combined with fact-based decision-making and immediate feedback from data.
Operational efficiency
using data and actionable insights to enhance quality, even during staff turnover.
Ensuring food safety
by monitoring contamination and time control.
Understanding food popularity
and creating consumption patterns, combined with supporting data for improved analytics accuracy.
Improved sustainability
by reducing food waste with analytics and consumption patterns to optimize resources.
Monitoring hygiene
across kitchen processes, critical handwashing stations, and publicly used food utensils.
Utilizing prescriptive analytics
from collected data and identified patterns within and between individual restaurants and menu items.
Enhanced customer experience
through dynamic demand management and actionable insights.

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